Nursing Division

Nursing Division Board

SEIU Healthcare is the only service union with a dedicated Nursing Division. We’re proud to represent over 8,500 Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs), Registered Nurses (RNs) and Nurse Practitioners (NPs) – a diverse group of nurses from across the province who work in various healthcare settings.

Nursing Division President:

Vice President of Hospital
Ashley Hill

Vice President of Home Care & Community Care
Katie Green

Vice President of Long Term Care
Jocelyn Borras

Region 1 Representative
Sheena Woods

Region 2 Representative
Christine Lightbourne-Scott

Region 3 Representative
Amy Fugaccia

Region 4 Representative
Tanya Rahim- Juttlah

Region 5 Representative
Abiemwense Osawe

Region 6 Representative
Rafal Pierini

Region 7 Representative
Amy Lenover

Region 8 Representative
Janette Umurungi

Drive to $35 and Safe Staffing

For over three years, SEIU Healthcare’s Nursing Division has been the only union demanding a new minimum wage for Registered Practical Nurses of at least $35 per hour and safe staffing levels for all nurses.

This year, we ramped up these demands by launching a letter-writing campaign urging MPPs to stand with us and fight for a $35 minimum wage for all nurses.

We also asked nurses across Ontario to show their support by taking photos with our “Safe Staffing Save Lives” poster.

Through this campaign, led by former Nursing Division President and current SEIU Healthcare Executive Vice President Jackie Walker, we achieved great media attention on the issue, leading to excellent public support. In part due to this campaign, Hospital RPNs were awarded an extra $2 premium by an arbitrator in 2023, pushing most over the $35 per hour wage rate.

While this is a great win for the hospital sector, the campaign still goes on fighting for all nurses in all sectors in Ontario.

Drive to 35

Poll Finds More Than 60% Of Registered Practical Nurses Are Being Driven Out of Healthcare

We know the conditions healthcare workers are under, so along with CUPE, we commissioned a poll to demonstrate how dire the healthcare staffing crisis is. According to our poll, more than 60% of registered practical nurses (RPNs) in Ontario are considering leaving their profession due to low pay and understaffing.

The poll conducted by Nanos Research identified short staffing, physically and mentally draining workloads, and suppressed wages as the main causes of the crisis.

We took these results across the province in April and May and held press conferences in places like Toronto, Thunder Bay, Ottawa, Niagara Falls, Sudbury, and more.